What we do with our clients

Below you can find goals that our clients have and strategies we have developed to help them achieve their goals.


Being the best I can be

  • With one client we have developed a  list of frustration strategies that he can use in moments when he is frustrated/upset, such as playing guitar, reading a book, listening to music, creating art, etc. Instead of taking his frustrations out on his family members, which leads to more problems, he is able to deal with his emotions in a more productive manner.

Being productive at home

  • We had a client who was struggling to get daily chores done at home. We worked with the family and had many meetings to create an intervention that motivated the client to get his chores done.
  • We helped another client create a daily structure to allow him to get more done at home in terms of homework and chores. When the structure is followed, the client turns in more homework ,which leads to improved grades.

Finding and keeping a job I love

  • We have a client who was struggling to get to work on time due to poor time management. We developed a structured schedule in the morning and now this client isn’t ever late to work.
  • With one client we worked together on job skills and role played interview skills, which helped her increase her confidence and performance when interviewing in real life.

I want to have fun

  • We have a client who had extreme anxiety about leaving his home. We took small steps with him and have supported him to now be consistently participating in community activities three to four days a week.
  • We have gone to events with a client such as a weekly board game night and a monthly cooking group and have provided feedback on social skills after each outing, which has generalized to other settings as well.

One thought on “What we do with our clients

  1. Hi, I am looking for some ideas for summer jobs for niece! She is 22 years old and has autism. She is very high functioning; will be graduating from UC Clermont this spring with an associates degree and will be going to Wright State in the fall. She is very smart, creative and focused on accomplishing goals. She is having a difficult time obtaining employment. Any suggestions for summer employment??? Thank you so much!!

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