Autism Personal Coach is always happy to participate in any media, so contact us today for any tv, podcast, radio, or print media to discuss how we coach autistic adults and teens to become more self-sufficient and find their purpose.


Elijah Winfrey Show

The grocery store is one of the most overwhelming places on earth. We talk about all the different reasons why the grocery store is so overwhelming and how Autism Personal Coach helps to reduce that overwhelm at the grocery store for the people we coach.

Neurosec Podcast

We talk about the happy hour not being so happy, how the pandemic has effected autistic people, and Autism Personal Coach.

Live Special Magazine

Doug Blecher, the founder of Autism Personal Coach is on the cover and don’t forget to check out the article about Autism Personal Coach on page 29.

Cassidy’s Turner Syndrome and Asperger’s Syndrome Chat

We talk with Cassidy about how Autism Personal Coach came to be, the purpose of Autism Personal Coach, and why it’s so important to focus on autism in adulthood.

Autism Grown Up Podcast

We talk about why Autism Personal Coach was created, and where they are today: with a growing base of coaches that serve adults on the autism spectrum to support them in meeting their personal goals.

Providing hard to find support for Autistic teens and adults. APC is committed to coach autistic people in getting the things done they want and need in their lives.

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