Coaching services

APC comes to you, whether it is your home, meeting you in the community, or virtually.

Autism Personal Coach will provide you with  a safe, confidential environment for you to discuss your current issues, passions, struggles, and opportunities. We will encourage you to identify your core values, and set goals that you truly want.

Below you find areas of development we focus on.

Embracing your autistic identity

  • support you in the process in addressing the ableism of others and the ableism you have about yourself
  • connect you with other autistic people
  • provide you with resources resources to educate yourself on your autistic identity

Executive functioning skills

  • Support you in developing and maintaining routines that work for you
  • Break  tasks down step by step to make them more manageable
  • Help you plan and follow up on appointments, emails, phone calls
  • Develop plans on how to get your homework done and study for tests
  • Determine strategies to improve your focus in order to achieve your goals

Finding and Maintaining Employment

  • help with your resume and cover letter, job search, and the interview process
  • help you learn your new job, provide ongoing monitoring and support, encourage appropriate social interaction and communication, and help with accommodations

Interdependent Living

  • support you in learning daily living skills that important for your life
  • develop a plan to make community appointments (doctor, dentist, grocery store) less stressful

Intersectionality and autism

  • groups to address multiple marginalized identities
  • coaches support you in addressing these identities
  • connect you with resources that support these identities

Self Advocacy

  • help you to get your wants and needs met at home, school, work, or in the community
  • work with you to better utilize  your support network
  • coach you in creating scripts you can refer to when communicating your needs for home, work, school, or in any relationship

Sensory Support

  • assess how we can support your sensory needs in any environment
  • develop a plan that allows you to reduce overwhelm and increase calm

Special Interests

  • Help you to get the positive benefits that special interests bring autistic people
  • Support you in finding a good balance between pursuing your special interests and getting other important things in your life accomplished
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