Stephanie Carroll

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everyday tasks. That’s why I enjoy helping those I coach to create a plan that will help them be more successful in achieving these goals.  We work together to schedule tasks according to their optimal work time, break them into smaller more manageable pieces, and clearly communicate expectations to all those involved. I try to apply these same strategies to my own life. When I’m not working or spending time with my family, I enjoy reading and running.  I am very passionate about both of these hobbies as they allow me to relax in different ways!

Charles Cox

I earned  my master’s in Counseling from Kent State University which has led me to teach disabled people for 15 years. Now as a coach I help autistic people to become better able to manage details, especially when they overwhelmed. I also act as a neutral third party, and helps keep the families I support working together in a positive mindset. If you love Cleveland sports than I could be a great fit for you as a coach as I am an avid sports fan who loves my Browns, Indians and Cavs.


Laurie Kowalski

As your coach, I will help you explore your community by looking at your interests and connecting you to resources that are close to where you live. I also enjoy helping people find the right job for them and working on interview skills. I’m always searching for my next favorite restaurant and love to explore new ones. My favorite way to relieve stress is watching YouTube videos about crafts and home decorating so I can create new things. I also enjoy spending quality time with my family by watching movies together.

Faith Moore

My passion is empowering my clients, and I specialize in customizing programs to help them reach their desired goals. Some of the things we can work on include learning to support your own sensory needs, improving time management and prioritization skills, developing self-advocacy skills, and getting a job that works for you. During my free time I enjoy singing, going on hikes, reading books, cooking, kickboxing, canoeing, journaling, exploring thrift stores with my friends, camping,, and watching science fiction or anime shows with my husband. The top three things I find most comforting are: playing with animals, listening to the rain, and drinking a hot cup of coffee in the morning.

Christa Mullis


I collaborate with clients to come up with creative solutions that take into account their unique neurodivergence, so they can be the best version of their authentic self. I also strive to help clients connect with autistic community, self-advocate, and gain self-understanding. While in college, I participated in the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network’s “Autism Campus Inclusion” academy, which helped me find my own self-confidence and passions in life as an autistic adult. Then from 2018 – 2020, I followed my dream of studying in Japan and earned my master’s degree at Hiroshima University, researching how Japanese culture approaches autism through the use of environmental accommodations. I specialize in helping clients find strategies for working around executive functioning and organizing their lives to be accessible. When I’m not working, I enjoy kendama (a Japanese skill toy), cooking, playing video games, and making fanvids for my favorite TV shows. 

Patty Saddle

As a coach and therapist, I help my clients reduce anxiety by using positive coping techniques and breaking down tasks into more manageable goals. Clients have benefited from my experience in creating and managing their daily schedules, identifying potential jobs and obtaining them, and increasing their social networks. Some of my favorite things are nature, animals, and water sports. My fondness for animals began as a child when I found stray dogs and cats in my neighborhood and then worked to find them new homes. Now that I have my own home, I have enjoyed learning about and gardening with plants and flowers that attract native birds. I am especially interested in hummingbirds and woodpeckers! I find the ocean and other large bodies of water very calming and enjoy waterskiing and jet skiing when on vacation.

Mikayla Umin 

My experience and listening skills allow me to coach in a way that guides conversations toward solutions and uncovers new outcomes for past problems. I have the positive outlook that there’s a solution to every problem, and that all goals are obtainable–no matter the obstacles! I love challenging myself to achieve my personal goals in fitness, organization, and time management. I love being outside, cooking, and enjoying all the events Cleveland has to offer with my family and two dogs.

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