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Bernard Grant

Prior to coaching with Autism Personal Coach, Bernard taught college writing. Bernard is also an editor, who uses the skills they’ve acquired helping people meet their writing goals to helping those on the spectrum meet their various life goals. Bernard holds a Ph.D. in creative writing and literature; their primary interests are literature and writing, as well as film, cats, and the video game Rocket League. Because Bernard is autistic with multiple neurodivergences, including ADHD and dyscalculia, they are also deeply interested in neurodiversity. They believe that despite the struggles neurodivergents face while navigating a neurotypical society, neurodivergence is a set of evolutionary advantages, gifts, and that once challenges are faced and worked through, neurodivergents can learn to fully utilize their neurodivergence as advantages, using their atypical traits to achieve their goals. You can learn more about Bernard's work at:

Danyetta NAJOLI

Prior to joining the Autism Personal Coach team Danyetta had been practicing coaching since 2000 as certified personal coach . Her previous work is primarily based on the research of leadership, social role theory, multiple intelligence, mindfulness, and positive psychology. She loves working with people who want to overcome a specific challenge, achieve a big goal, start a new and exciting habit, or realize a long-time dream. 

What makes Danyetta a great coach is she believes that people are capable of achieving the success they seek and often just need a little nudge and unbiased support. Danyetta meets her clients where they are, uses a bit of humor, and lets her clients set the agenda. Danyetta earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Fisk University and a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Regent University. She earned her Certificate of Advanced Proficiency (CAP) from the Ohio Alliance of Direct Support Professionals and her Coaching for Results certificate from Harvard Business School. 

Danyetta wrote two eBooks, What is Coaching? and Unstoppable Confidence: Sustaining a Posture for Success. Danyetta also designed a set of coaching cards based on her signature coaching program, Excellence-Based Living. To learn more about her coaching products, click here. Danyetta loves singing, writing, and growing plants in her herbal garden.

Jennifer Davis-Bowman

I help those I coach by meeting them where they are. If you’re facing a stressful situation, I’ll work with you to identify your objectives and practice useful strategies. I can provide you with valuable insights and helpful tools, thanks to my experiences as an educator and with my own neurodiverse family members. Personally, I am particularly interested in health and fitness and enjoy aerobics, yoga, light weight training, and run local 5k races. I also love writing and contribute to a variety of educational blogs and research outlets.


As a coach, I assist my clients in reaching their goals by closely listening to them and tailoring my approach to their specific needs. I help those I coach to become more organized, develop consistent self-care routines, improve relationships, and reduce anxiety. When I’m not coaching I like to run, workout, cook, and spend time with my children and friends. I feel calm after physical activity as it helps me to “reset” my brain. I have just recently gotten back into running, and now I even run races sometimes. My children keep me busy and happy, but what I love the most is to go out with my friends. I simply love the good food and inspiring discussions we share! Back to Locations List

Providing hard to find support for Autistic teens and adults. APC is committed to coach autistic people in getting the things done they want and need in their lives.

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