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Doug Blecher, Founder

Experts have told me I’m good at helping them to reduce their anxiety so they can pursue the things they want in life. Anxiety can be challenging to manage, but it’s easier when you focus on what you’re passionate about—for me, it’s training to run marathons, expanding my world by visiting new restaurants, and enjoying a hot cup of coffee. I love to learn about the special interests of Autistic people and believe that sharing our favorite things makes the world a better place. I’m excited to work together and hear what you’re passionate about!

Joe Link, Director of Services

If you are looking to get started with a Coach and live in the Cincinnati area, I’ll be your first point of contact. We will get together for your intake meeting, and our conversation will help me to choose the best Coach for you.  Outside of coaching, I love watching dramas, fantasy, and science fiction, both on television and in live theater.  I immensely enjoy being part of the theatrical production process as well, and help to put on three stage plays each year.

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