What Autism Personal Coach and Google have in common

I was recently watching an interview from Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt in which he said “everyone needs a coach”. He went on to say that the reason for this is that every person needs someone who can watch what they are doing and give them perspective on their positives and negatives. This is very true for our clients because  they aren’t good at seeing themselves as others see them. We help give them a better sense of awareness with  our feedback which helps them to achieve their goals. Whether its  working on interview skills so they understand how an interviewer might perceive them, practicing social skills in the community so they can better understand why some of their actions may not be best in helping  to develop friendships, or helping our clients understand why their family members may get frustrated with them at times. The first step many times to improve on a skill is to have awareness that the skill needs to be improved upon. We are there to help our clients take that first step towards their goal.

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