My Greatest Accomplishment

Every week I have a meeting with one of our coaches, Stephanie Carroll, and we discuss the progress of her clients. In a recent meeting she talked about how one of her clients could really benefit from participating in an art contest and asked if I was aware of anything happening in the next month or two.  I told her I was unaware of anything.  Then we discussed Autism Personal Coach creating an event ourselves.

Discussing our clients and so many others  diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder we realize that they have so many wonderful gifts and for many of them it revolves around art. Whether it is ceramics, collage, digital media, drawing, essays, musical composition, painting, photography, poetry, or some other medium of art. Not only are these gifts, but they are passions. We want those diagnosed with ASD to share their passion and let their voice be heard by creating a work of  art that tells the world about their greatest accomplishment.

“My Greatest Accomplishment” is a spectator juried art contest created by Autism Personal Coach. If you are or you  know someone 14 years of age or older than that has been diagnosed with ASD and want to enter this  contest please RSVP to by January 17th with your name and medium of art you will be using.  This contest will take place  at Mayfield Public Library on Thursday January 23rd, 2014 at 7pm. Join us to award prizes, enjoy food, and to have fun!

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