Speed Friendships

Our support groups have talked about many topics over the first two months.  However, there has been one common theme: finding a way to develop friendships.  Some group members have noted they just don’t know where to go to meet people. Others have noted that they don’t fit in due to not understanding a lot of the unwritten social rules in our culture. Others have noted past experiences that they felt were a failure. As a result they have anxiety that prevents them from meeting new people. Regardless of the reason, developing friends can be a daunting task for individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

Autism Personal Coach wants to help make it easier for those that attend our support groups and many others  to develop friendships.  That is why we have created Speed Friendships, an opportunity for people on the Autism Spectrum to make a friend in 5 minutes!

This is an event that will pair two people with Aspergers syndrome and/or high-functioning autism.  They will sit at a table assigned to them for 5 minutes and talk.  The participants can discuss whatever they like.  If they aren’t sure of what to talk about,  a list of questions will be provided to prompt discussion.  When 5 minutes are over they will move to another assigned table and talk to someone else who is also assigned to that table. We will do our best to pair people with similar interests based on their answers to our registration form.

Speed Friendships will take place on Saturday April 27th from 1-4pm at Mavis Winkles(8870 Darrow Rd) in Twinsburg, Ohio. The cost is $16 per participant which includes food and beverages. Registration is required for the event. If you are interested  in registering or want more information about  Speed Friendships please email Autism Personal Coach at autismpersonalcoach@yahoo.com or calling us at (216) 336-5889.

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