If you build it they will come

Last fall Autism Personal Coach (APC) did some research on  adult services for those on the Autism Spectrum in the Greater Cleveland area.  One of our findings was that there wasn’t a support group for adults with Aspergers Syndrome or High-Functioning Autism.  Our founder, Doug Blecher, had three years of experience facilitating a group such as this for the Autism Society of Greater Cincinnati.  Therefore, we thought, why not start such a group ourselves? After all, APC has always felt that if it doesn’t exist why not just create it . That is exactly what we did.

We have actually created two groups. One for those 18-25 years old, the other for those 26 years of age and older. Each group meets once a month at Beachwood Public Library.  There clearly was a need for this in the Autism community in the Greater Cleveland area. As a result of this need,  there has been very good attendance for these groups in the first two months of their existence. APC looks very forward to maintaining this attendance and seeing it grow for years to come.

The groups have had great discussions in these first two months on dating, employment, friendships,  interests of those that attend, marriage, their high school experience, and many other topics. Autism Personal Coach wishes that everyone in the Autism  and Business community could witness the discussions in these groups. If they did,  surely they would  be witness to the challenges, humor, intelligence, and potential that people on the Autism Spectrum have.

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