What the heck is Autism Personal Coach?

My name is Doug Blecher, I am the founder of Autism Personal Coach(APC). The mission of APC is to help adults  diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder lead independent and fulfilling lives.  I have worked with these individuals for the last 11 years. During this time, I have seen incredible progress made by individuals that I have worked with on a one-to-one basis. However, it has taken a lot more than myself to make this happen.  I have worked with extremely intelligent and talented children and adults  that allowed this progress to occur.  Without their gifts I surely wouldn’t have seen the same results. In addition, their families have been a very important component to this success.   Their belief in the therapy, consistency of intervention, and communication with me have been essential factors in the improvement of their children.

However, the last 11 years has definitely had its share of frustrations.  I have seen adults who were more than capable of living independent and fulfilling lives flounder due to insufficient support and services. I have wondered far too often with the children I have worked with, what  services will be available to them as adults.  The fact that I wasn’t able to come up with any good answers has greatly upset me.

In addition, there have been economic and system factors that were very frustrating.  I have seen services that were available, but adults that couldn’t access them due to lack of funds.  I have seen adults who couldn’t access services because they were deemed “too high-functioning”. I have seen other adults who were diagnosed after the age of 22, which caused them to be denied services.    All of these factors collectively led to my  decision to create Autism Personal Coach.

APC can’t change the world of adult services, but we can be a part of making it better.  We are an organization that is based on part science, part art.  The science comes in the form of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) principles that I have been taught, studied, and put into practice  for the past  last 11 years. If your child has had ABA therapy and it hasn’t been successful, it was due to  the principles of ABA  not being used properly or the therapist didn’t take into account art into therapy.

When I refer to “art” or refer to myself as an “artist” I don’t mean the typical definition of art.  I can’t draw or paint.  The “art” is about connecting with your child and building a meaningful relationship that is built upon respect.  Then teaching him or her based on their interests and learning style.

Autism Personal Coach can’t guarantee anything, but we will do our absolute best to make sure our services are affordable to everyone.  That is why we are in the process of creating scholarships for those adults and families that may not be able to afford the full price of APC services.

Once we get the financial aspect figured out, then we will get to work. We will plan, proceed, than achieve! Autism Personal Coach has four areas of focus to help those adults diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome or Autism Spectrum Disorder. In the next blog post we will discuss one of those areas of focus: Employment.

Until then, I would love any reaction you have to this blog by leaving a comment or  sending an email to autismpersonalcoach@yahoo.com and sharing it with others.

One thought on “What the heck is Autism Personal Coach?

  1. I’m very proud of the work you are doing. I know there are many people out there that will have a better way of living through your work

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